We want to capture in our products Lebanon’s long history of being at the crossroads of different cultures and flavours.

We remain true to ourselves in everything we do.

As we stand proudly in our provenance, we buy and support from the very best local Lebanese producers and farmers.

Our products bring together fresh ingredients, spices and flavours, and all are natural, vegan and gluten-free.

Our commitment

to excellence pushes us to pursue another one of our values: to build a greener, more sustainable future. This is why we ship our products and ensure the ingredients are minimally processed.

Biladi, meaning ‘from the land,’ was founded by childhood friends who come from a small, beautiful village in the South of Lebanon. Inspired by the quality of the local produce and delicious Lebanese flavours, they decided to bring Biladi to the world.

Biladi bases its recipes around small mezze dishes to encourage the Lebanese spirit of sociability and sharing.

Our mission is to make everyone a little more Lebanese, introducing the wider world to the flavours and conviviality of Lebanese eating.

We have strong food values and understand that excellent quality ingredients make delicious meals.